Friday, January 11, 2013

Tightly Curly Method Challenge!!!!

My curl-twin AuCurlsNaturelle is having a 3 month Tightly Curly Method Challenge.  This is the method created by Teri Laflesh of conditioning, defining and separating your curls using conditioner and conditioner alone.

I have decided to revisit the TC method myself b/c I was looking for a nighttime routine to preserve my curls and as I re-read the TC method it seemed like something I was ready to try.  When I first went natural I read up on this method and decided to do Curly Girl instead.  As my hair grows and I continue along on my hair journey I want to customize my regimen and techniques to my hair and it's needs so I find I take certain aspects from everything and read and study and what works for my hair I use it and what does not work I don't use it and keep it moving.  Having said that I still use the principle from the Curly Girl Method of no cones and low to no sulfates.

While on this TC challenge I plan on using the following guidelines from Teri's method and finding ways to make these principles work for my hair:
  • use a rinsing conditioner 
  • use a heavier combing conditioner
  • detangle(with fingers or brush/comb)
  • separating curls
  • preserve curls at night  
Here is the intro video for the 3 month challenge from AuCurlsNaturelle.

Here is her blog post which gives an overview of the action steps in the method used in her challenge and corresponding videos.

I look forward to this challenge and to learning more about my hair.  Won't you join me? 

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  1. lol thank you so much sis, just updated myself just now with your blog, thanks alot sis :D
    i hope all is good with your challenge :D


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