Sunday, January 27, 2013

TC Challenge - Week 3

This week's hair routine started yesterday(Sat, Jan 26 2013) so that means I officially went 7 days with the last TC.  I documented my day 6 hair here.  Day 7 hair was more frizzy and my scalp had started itching so I was READY to get my hair in some water.

I pre-pooed overnight with coconut and olive oil on damp hair.  I slept with a plastic cap and 1 silk scarf, 1 silk bonnet and a winter hat pulled down of all of that.  I did not like the how the ends of my hair (on the top of my head) felt after I rinsed with water.  I don't know what happened with that prepoo but I just didn't like it.  Maybe my hair wasn't damp enough or not enough oil/product.  I ran out of my Lustrasilk Moisture Max Hair Mayonnaise....

(I LOVE this stuff.  I can see my curls forming after slathering this on my hair and my hair gets sooo soft.  I'll have to do a separate post/review on this b/c this is one of my favorite store-bought deep conditioners. )

Ok, so I ran out of this hair mayonnaise and I used coconut oil and olive oil in a prepoo.  I think my hair needs something with a little more weight to it.  I've been thinking about what kind of homemade concoction I could whip up in the event I run out of products....still researching that.

After I pre-pooed, I just did a good rinse, put in my rinsing conditioner(Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture) and detangled.  I did rinse this out but I left a good bit of it in my hair.  I then applied my combing conditioner(my homemade leave in using Tigi Bedhead and Tresemme Naturals) and started the process of defining/separating curls.  It took a little longer than it took me last week.  Now, I'm documenting  the time investment here b/c I want to accurately document my process but PLEASE don't let that deter you from trying this method.  I even hesitate to put how long it took me b/c I know that can/does/did for me turn some people off.  But this is such a WONDERFUL method for thick, textured hair.  I believe it enhances the hair's natural curl pattern and "sets" the hair in that pattern until the next time you cleanse your hair.  To me it 'trains' your hair to go ahead and curl in it's natural pattern.  It does away with frizziness b/c all your hair is learning to curl and stays curled as you refresh as needed through the week.  It conditions you hair while it's in it's natural pattern so it's healthy for your hair and if it's healthy then it will promote growth and benefit length retention efforts.

I had to go out a few hours later so I sat under the hooded dryer for about 1 hour and my hair was 95% dry...just damp in a few interior spots.

My hair has a firm crunch to it.  I attribute that to the amount of OVERALL conditioner that is in my hair.  I left a good amount of rinsing conditioner(Tresemme) in my hair.  Last week my hair had much less crunch and was much softer after it dried.  I attribute that to the fact that last week I rinsed the majority of the rinsing conditioner(Tresemme) out of my hair.  Week 1 of the TC method I left a good amount of the rinsing conditioner in my hair and my curls had the same crunch so that is why I've come to this conclusion.    

I don't mind the crunch.  It keeps my hair firmly in the curl pattern for longer before I have to refresh it or before I start to see some frizziness.  The crunch leaves after I sleep on my hair anyway, but my curls still hold.

Here are some visuals:


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