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INGREDIENTS: Water, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Bromide, Olea Europaea(Olive) Fruit Oil, Egg Protein, Coco Nucifera(Coconut) Oil, Peanut Oil, Fragrance, DMDM Hydantoin, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Polyquatenium-32, Trideceth-6, Disodium EDTA, Yello #5, Red #33

Research on the first 5-6 ingredients shows the following:
(NOTE:  All quoted, italicized and bolded text is quoted from TightlyCurly Ingredients Dictionary http://www.tightlycurly.com/ingredients/)
  1. Water:  Excellent
  2. Stearyl Alcohol: This is a good ingredient to have in any hair product.  It's especially good that is is near the top of the ingredients list.  It "functions as a lubricant, thickener, and emollient"
  3. Cetearyl Alcohol:  This is a combination of Stearyl and Cetyl Alcohol. I it "used as an emollient, emulsifier, conditioner, and thickener".
  4. Cetrimonium Bromide:   This ingredient is listed with a caution note on it in Teri Laflesh's ingredients dictionary. " Detergent used as a disinfectant and cleanser in shampoos and skin cleansers. May also be used in deodorants to cut down on perspiration odor. Can be irritatingAlso,  on EWG's Skin Deep website(www.ewg.org/skindeep) says it can function as Antistatic Agent; Cosmetic Biocide; Surfactant - Emulsifying Agent; ANTIMICROBIAL; PRESERVATIVE
  5. Olive Oil:  "Excellent moisturizing plant oil. It can penetrate the hair's cortex, so it may make hair stronger. However, it has little effect on the cuticle, so you still need a slippery ingredient in the conditioner to comb through hair"
  6.  Egg protein:  For more info. on the effectiveness of various proteins on hair read The Natural Haven's post on protein size.     
This product is of a very thick and creamy consistency.  I use this as a light protein treatment in my regimen.  I put it in my hair after cleansing.  Once it is in my hair my hair begins to curl up just as if I'm getting ready to define my curls.  I place a plastic cap on my head and sit for 20-30 minutes under my heating cap.  My hair is very soft and moisturized after I rinse out.   I absolutely love how it makes my hair feel.  I especially love that there are no silicones in it and the first 5 ingredients are very good for your hair (and you can at least pronounce them lol!!. note: I don't know about ingredient #4.  I have not noticed any ill-effects on my hair as a result of having this ingredient in this product).  This product cost me $4.49 for a 16 oz. jar.  This product gets good ratings in my 3 rating categories of INGREDIENTS, COST, and EFFECT ON MY HAIR.  

 I've always had it in my plan to do a review of this product b/c I loved it so much but never did write up the review.  I have decided to go ahead and do this review to highlight this product now b/c my girl Farah has done a post on Cholesterol 101 where she talks about the difference between protein and cholesterol deep treatments, the benefits, cholesterol how-to and how it works for her.  I wanted to give you a little window into what has worked for me and to highlight this product.

As I'm going through these ingredients I'm wondering what other products/ingredients I can combine to kind of mimic this one whenever I run out of it.  Plus everywhere I go online they keep saying it's discontinued.  I got this one on the ground from my local beauty supply.  I think I'd better get something "invented" just in case my beauty supply stops carrying it.

I'm thinking about using my Tresemme Naturals as a base(it has Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohol) and add Olive Oil to it and some mayonnaise(has egg protein and the cholesterol/fat from the mayo.) and maybe a little coconut oil.  Maybe next wash day I'll try this homemade concoction and see how it comes out.  I love to get in my kitchen(or bathroom) and mix oils, conditioners, and things together to form more healthful and natural products

I'd love to hear what has worked for you as a cholesterol(moisturizing) and/or protein deep conditioner whether store-bought or homemade. Have you mixed up any homemade concoctions that became staples in your regimen?

3 month Hair Growth... again!

I don't know what happened to this post...I posted it and then it just disappeared...here it is again...

OCTOBER 13,  2012

JANUARY 12, 2013

JANUARY 26, 2013

TC Challenge - Week 3

This week's hair routine started yesterday(Sat, Jan 26 2013) so that means I officially went 7 days with the last TC.  I documented my day 6 hair here.  Day 7 hair was more frizzy and my scalp had started itching so I was READY to get my hair in some water.

I pre-pooed overnight with coconut and olive oil on damp hair.  I slept with a plastic cap and 1 silk scarf, 1 silk bonnet and a winter hat pulled down of all of that.  I did not like the how the ends of my hair (on the top of my head) felt after I rinsed with water.  I don't know what happened with that prepoo but I just didn't like it.  Maybe my hair wasn't damp enough or not enough oil/product.  I ran out of my Lustrasilk Moisture Max Hair Mayonnaise....

(I LOVE this stuff.  I can see my curls forming after slathering this on my hair and my hair gets sooo soft.  I'll have to do a separate post/review on this b/c this is one of my favorite store-bought deep conditioners. )

Ok, so I ran out of this hair mayonnaise and I used coconut oil and olive oil in a prepoo.  I think my hair needs something with a little more weight to it.  I've been thinking about what kind of homemade concoction I could whip up in the event I run out of products....still researching that.

After I pre-pooed, I just did a good rinse, put in my rinsing conditioner(Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture) and detangled.  I did rinse this out but I left a good bit of it in my hair.  I then applied my combing conditioner(my homemade leave in using Tigi Bedhead and Tresemme Naturals) and started the process of defining/separating curls.  It took a little longer than it took me last week.  Now, I'm documenting  the time investment here b/c I want to accurately document my process but PLEASE don't let that deter you from trying this method.  I even hesitate to put how long it took me b/c I know that can/does/did for me turn some people off.  But this is such a WONDERFUL method for thick, textured hair.  I believe it enhances the hair's natural curl pattern and "sets" the hair in that pattern until the next time you cleanse your hair.  To me it 'trains' your hair to go ahead and curl in it's natural pattern.  It does away with frizziness b/c all your hair is learning to curl and stays curled as you refresh as needed through the week.  It conditions you hair while it's in it's natural pattern so it's healthy for your hair and if it's healthy then it will promote growth and benefit length retention efforts.

I had to go out a few hours later so I sat under the hooded dryer for about 1 hour and my hair was 95% dry...just damp in a few interior spots.

My hair has a firm crunch to it.  I attribute that to the amount of OVERALL conditioner that is in my hair.  I left a good amount of rinsing conditioner(Tresemme) in my hair.  Last week my hair had much less crunch and was much softer after it dried.  I attribute that to the fact that last week I rinsed the majority of the rinsing conditioner(Tresemme) out of my hair.  Week 1 of the TC method I left a good amount of the rinsing conditioner in my hair and my curls had the same crunch so that is why I've come to this conclusion.    

I don't mind the crunch.  It keeps my hair firmly in the curl pattern for longer before I have to refresh it or before I start to see some frizziness.  The crunch leaves after I sleep on my hair anyway, but my curls still hold.

Here are some visuals:


Thursday, January 24, 2013

TC Challenge - Week 2 Day 6 Hair

Today is day 6 hair and I am THOROUGHLY pleased!!!  I have NEVER had a wash and go last this long in all the 8 months since I've been natural.  Today's hair ended up somewhat frizzy b/c today I decided to put my hands in my hair and give it a little fluff and work the water and conditioner in it.  I took pics before I had to run errands.  It is 25 degrees here so needless to say NO ONE saw my hair.  It was wrapped up in my satin cap and a winter hat and then a hood.  It was FREEZING!!!!  

I also decided to touch my hair today b/c I will be redoing it either tomorrow or early Saturday.  I have to go out tomorrow also and the high will be 25 degrees so again, NO ONE will see my hair b/c I'm gonna be wrapped up again.

Here we go....

Looking good from the front...

 Next comes a halo of frizz...sometimes I CAN embrace the frizz....day 6 hair can be allowed to have some frizz.  A little frizz can give fullness and some volume to the style and some days that's ok with me.  

This is what my hair does when I touch it(especially wet), it frizzes.  I've got to learn how not frizz it up when I touch it.  That's why this entire week I did not touch my hair unless it was to smooth individual curls and twirl with a little water and condish.

Yes you can still see curls, but they are UNDERNEATH the frizz....

While I still have good curl definition underneath frizz , in some spots there is till good frizz-free definition......

I don't know why some strands of my hair go straight....I have to really work to make them have some kind of bend/curl....

Overall I am pleased as punch ... with my hair, my weekly method, my daily routine, my nightly routine....what I did this week works for me!  I used to get this kind of frizz on day 2 or 3 but I've made it to day 6 and this is the first day of frizz and THAT was voluntary.   I decided to give my hair a little volume b/c it was smashed to my head.   Instead of just letting my curls fill out after spritzing with water and condish I decided to pull out my curls with my fingers.  I probably used my fingers too much and overdid it because I wound up with a good amount of frizz. 

Now what I want to do is the following:
  • learn how to manipulate my hair without frizzing it OR continue with my policy of NO TOUCH in the morning!
  • learn how to twist and tuck my ends at night OR continue with my policy of NO TOUCH at night.
LOL!!!!!   I do want to find a method of elongating my curls without frizzing it out while preserving my natural curl pattern but I think my hair seems to do better with my NO TOUCH policy....my hair seems to say, " just please, leave me alone!!!

Maybe as my hair gets longer it will up to more manipulation but until then it may be best to follow the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule.

Cleaning/Disinfecting Hair Tools

My aunt forwarded me these videos and information on cleaning/disinfecting our hair tools.  I've never given this a thought b/c I rinse and clean the hair from my combs and brushes right after I use them on wash day.  But this has given me a cause to pause.....and consider.

Do you clean/disinfect your hair tools?  If so, how often and what do you use to disinfect them?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TC Challenge/Hair Goals - Jan 2013

I wanted to think through and document some of my TC Challenge and/or Hair Goals.  What is the purpose of me doing this challenge and/or what do I want to receive at the end of this challenge?

I think the bottom line/main goal for me in doing this TC Challenge is to see if Tightly Curly Method is something that I can make a part of my regimen.  There are several measurables that I want to track during this challenge that can help me determine the answer to that question.

TC Challenge Goals:
  1. Does this provide  an effective nighttime routine for short hair that would eliminate frizz?
  2. Does this provide and effective way to refresh short hair in morning with no frizzies?I really was looking for a way to refresh my hair without wetting it in the wintertime and although I do spritz my hair with this method I can use more conditioner than water therefore doesn't take long to dry.
  3. Learn the TC Method -    Is this something I can physically do?  Researching and studying and implementing the TC Method presented a welcome challenge to me.  I thoroughly enjoy learning and meeting/supporting other naturals, especially those who learning this same method.
  4. See if this method works for my hair
  5. See if the method improves the overall health of my hair
  6. Am I able to stick with this method?
Goals # 1 and #2 were my main reasons for joining this challenge....once I revisited Teri's site #4 ,#5 and #6 came into play.

By learning and implementing this method for just 2 weeks I have already gotten more than I was looking for:
  •  I've met some wonderful naturals and gained a wonderful hair-twin-sister!!
  • This method allows me to have a wash and go that I can maintain for more than 2-3 days!! I LOVE IT!!  It maximizes my curl health, wear and care.
  • This method allows me to have curls that are MORE defined than were with Curly Girl.
  • This method gives my curls shine and softness that lasts through the week.
  • This method simplifies my daily haircare routine.


HOTW:Hair of the Week-"MamaDaye-Inspired" Protective Style for Transitioning Hair

Shout out to Mama Daye(check out her blog) for sharing this protective that she did on her hair.  She did it such justice that I decided to style my daughter's transitioning hair like this.  I did  4 large flat-twists going around to the other side of her head.  One of these flat twists is a little large and I may need to redo it during the week...we'll see.  I ended these flat twists by doing smaller twists with the ends.  Small 2-strand twists are in the front and side.  The pics with the perm rods are when her hair was still wet...


This pic is the next day after hair was dry.  I had to take the perm rods out at bedtime b/c she couldn't sleep in them but her hair was still wet.  So I pin-curled them with bobby pins to her head.  They dried a little too tight and were super tight and curly and have no hang.  I'm sure they'll drop as the week goes on. I intend for this style to last all week.

Thanks MamaDaye!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nighttime Routine and Morning Refresh TC Week 2- Day 1 Hair

Since my curls turned out so well I decided to experiment with my nighttime regimen of NOT braiding/twisting/banding my hair.  So I just wrap my satin scarf around my head or put on my satin bonnet and sleep.  This is how my hair looks in the morning....smooshed on the sides and back.

yet my curls are still intact.....just smooshed.

I took a shower and let my hair absorb the mist and then I spritzed my hair all over with warm water mixed a little conditioner in a spray bottle...no hands in the hair...just spritz.   This is the result after the water penetrates...curls fill out...

and stay intact.... 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Me and My Tightly Curly!! (Week 2 TC Challenge)

It's late here so I'm not gonna do a lot of writing.  I just wanted to post some pics of my freshly washed, cholesterol-conditioned, tightly curly 'do'.

Just to back up a little, my last TC wash and go lasted me 6 days...and boy was it READY to be re-done...frizzy, stiff and sticky in various places and it was like it was telling me "DON'T YOU SMOOTH ANY MORE CONDITIONER/WATER ON ME UNTIL YOU WASH ME"!!!

I was trying to make it to tomorrow but b/c of my busy weekend with my children's ball games I was not going to have the time to do it until Sunday and my hair said "A'INT NOBODY GOT TIME FUH DAT".  So I did it today.  It took me a 1 hour and 20 min to finish defining and separating curls.  It took that long b/c after I had done the entire back of my head I got very discourage.  I was tired and was kind of rushing b/c I had to take my kids to practice tonight (yes in 23 degree weather...I air dried for 3 hrs. and sat under the dryer....min under the dryer it was dry) and felt various negative emotions like:
  • all this white conditioner is not gonna dry in time 
  • I'm never gonna finish
  • I'm going back to Curly Girl where I rake, smooth and shake and be done
But I eventually started back up again and finished.

This time my hair is sooooooooooo soft and luscious.  (My hair was not this soft last time.)  Luscious is the word that comes to mind when I feel the back of my head and feel all those soft, full, full-bodied curls that I almost can't keep my hands out of.   See....

 Another noteworthy item.  I found that when I applied my combing conditioner and started sectioning my hair off and smoothing and raking and smoothing that some of my culrs acted like they already knew what to do and just fell into place...like these....the edges of my back and my sides were already spiraled and clumped together before I even started.

I'm gonna try and stop posting so many of the same pics b/c I know my hair can kinda look the same from week to week but I just HAD to show these pics b/c my hair is sooooooooooo soft.  The back has no crunch and I just did my hair this afternoon....nothing but softness.  My top crown has the crunch.  I really have to work to define that area b/c that area is more wavy or has looser curls.

I'm glad I persevered in the process b/c I'm totally loving me in my Tightly Curly!!!  (I hate to even have to lay down and sleep on it and squish all these perfectly lovely curls...yes Farah I've fallen in curl-love with my own hair/curls!!! You were right!!   :-)

Ready to go another 6 days...........

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Refresh continued.....Tightly Curly Method: Maintenance (Daily Care) and Night Routine

Here is an excellent (one of my favs!) video  on different ways to maintain and refresh your hair in the morning using the TC Method.  AuCurlsNaturelle has gorgeous and awesome curls and she has really studied and learned how to best adapt this method to her unique hair needs.  She has tweeked the TC Method to her own use and benefit.  I've learned so much from her and I share this in hopes that it may give someone, especially someone who has short natural hair and is using the TC Method some ideas in how to handle twa to short natural hair.  This period of 'awkward' length can be tough to navigate in regards to an effective, frizz-free nighttime routine and morning refresh.
Enjoy the video!

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