Thursday, January 24, 2013

TC Challenge - Week 2 Day 6 Hair

Today is day 6 hair and I am THOROUGHLY pleased!!!  I have NEVER had a wash and go last this long in all the 8 months since I've been natural.  Today's hair ended up somewhat frizzy b/c today I decided to put my hands in my hair and give it a little fluff and work the water and conditioner in it.  I took pics before I had to run errands.  It is 25 degrees here so needless to say NO ONE saw my hair.  It was wrapped up in my satin cap and a winter hat and then a hood.  It was FREEZING!!!!  

I also decided to touch my hair today b/c I will be redoing it either tomorrow or early Saturday.  I have to go out tomorrow also and the high will be 25 degrees so again, NO ONE will see my hair b/c I'm gonna be wrapped up again.

Here we go....

Looking good from the front...

 Next comes a halo of frizz...sometimes I CAN embrace the frizz....day 6 hair can be allowed to have some frizz.  A little frizz can give fullness and some volume to the style and some days that's ok with me.  

This is what my hair does when I touch it(especially wet), it frizzes.  I've got to learn how not frizz it up when I touch it.  That's why this entire week I did not touch my hair unless it was to smooth individual curls and twirl with a little water and condish.

Yes you can still see curls, but they are UNDERNEATH the frizz....

While I still have good curl definition underneath frizz , in some spots there is till good frizz-free definition......

I don't know why some strands of my hair go straight....I have to really work to make them have some kind of bend/curl....

Overall I am pleased as punch ... with my hair, my weekly method, my daily routine, my nightly routine....what I did this week works for me!  I used to get this kind of frizz on day 2 or 3 but I've made it to day 6 and this is the first day of frizz and THAT was voluntary.   I decided to give my hair a little volume b/c it was smashed to my head.   Instead of just letting my curls fill out after spritzing with water and condish I decided to pull out my curls with my fingers.  I probably used my fingers too much and overdid it because I wound up with a good amount of frizz. 

Now what I want to do is the following:
  • learn how to manipulate my hair without frizzing it OR continue with my policy of NO TOUCH in the morning!
  • learn how to twist and tuck my ends at night OR continue with my policy of NO TOUCH at night.
LOL!!!!!   I do want to find a method of elongating my curls without frizzing it out while preserving my natural curl pattern but I think my hair seems to do better with my NO TOUCH policy....my hair seems to say, " just please, leave me alone!!!

Maybe as my hair gets longer it will up to more manipulation but until then it may be best to follow the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule.


  1. wow!! you broke the record LOL i love this! i wasn't able to make it to the 6th day when i had my very short short short hair, im proud of you lol it means you have found your night routine, because the longer it will get the easier it will be to go even 9days with your TC :D

    1. Yeaaaa for nighttime routine!!!! I do notice that around the edges of my hair where my hair has some 'hang' I can begin to braid/twist and tuck those at night so I do that. I believe my hair is growing b/c it's beginning to hang a little more than it used to. Some of my coils don't shrink up as much after defining/twirling. My hair seems to love love this method!

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