Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TC Challenge/Hair Goals - Jan 2013

I wanted to think through and document some of my TC Challenge and/or Hair Goals.  What is the purpose of me doing this challenge and/or what do I want to receive at the end of this challenge?

I think the bottom line/main goal for me in doing this TC Challenge is to see if Tightly Curly Method is something that I can make a part of my regimen.  There are several measurables that I want to track during this challenge that can help me determine the answer to that question.

TC Challenge Goals:
  1. Does this provide  an effective nighttime routine for short hair that would eliminate frizz?
  2. Does this provide and effective way to refresh short hair in morning with no frizzies?I really was looking for a way to refresh my hair without wetting it in the wintertime and although I do spritz my hair with this method I can use more conditioner than water therefore doesn't take long to dry.
  3. Learn the TC Method -    Is this something I can physically do?  Researching and studying and implementing the TC Method presented a welcome challenge to me.  I thoroughly enjoy learning and meeting/supporting other naturals, especially those who learning this same method.
  4. See if this method works for my hair
  5. See if the method improves the overall health of my hair
  6. Am I able to stick with this method?
Goals # 1 and #2 were my main reasons for joining this challenge....once I revisited Teri's site #4 ,#5 and #6 came into play.

By learning and implementing this method for just 2 weeks I have already gotten more than I was looking for:
  •  I've met some wonderful naturals and gained a wonderful hair-twin-sister!!
  • This method allows me to have a wash and go that I can maintain for more than 2-3 days!! I LOVE IT!!  It maximizes my curl health, wear and care.
  • This method allows me to have curls that are MORE defined than were with Curly Girl.
  • This method gives my curls shine and softness that lasts through the week.
  • This method simplifies my daily haircare routine.



  1. Great post, Deidra! I think those are great goals to keep in mind :-) I'm so happy to see that YC is working for you :-D

  2. I am eternally grateful to you and AuCurlsNaturelle for your blogs and videos. I tried the TC method last night but my hair is SO short it is hard to section and separate. My results look awful but I will not give up. Hopefully my technique will improve as my hair grows and I better understand my hairs wants and needs. (I will shop this week for better combing conditioners). Any suggestions?

    1. i Sharon, with very short hair you may need to use clips or something to section your hair into manageable sections. How long is your hair? If it is very short you may just need to rub conditioner on your hair and let the curls do what they want to do. If it is very short you won't even need to use a comb...but if it is long enough to take some strands from root to tip and stretch it out and twirl around your finger then it is long enough to do doodles. Were you able to look at the Tightly Curly website for instructions/tips?

    2. Thank you for responding. Yes, I checked out the website. Plan to pick up small clips this week. And some new conditioners. None of mine are fit for leave in and I like the idea of your homemade. Will keep you posted.

    3. oh good Sharon, looking forward to your update!


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