Friday, January 18, 2013

Me and My Tightly Curly!! (Week 2 TC Challenge)

It's late here so I'm not gonna do a lot of writing.  I just wanted to post some pics of my freshly washed, cholesterol-conditioned, tightly curly 'do'.

Just to back up a little, my last TC wash and go lasted me 6 days...and boy was it READY to be re-done...frizzy, stiff and sticky in various places and it was like it was telling me "DON'T YOU SMOOTH ANY MORE CONDITIONER/WATER ON ME UNTIL YOU WASH ME"!!!

I was trying to make it to tomorrow but b/c of my busy weekend with my children's ball games I was not going to have the time to do it until Sunday and my hair said "A'INT NOBODY GOT TIME FUH DAT".  So I did it today.  It took me a 1 hour and 20 min to finish defining and separating curls.  It took that long b/c after I had done the entire back of my head I got very discourage.  I was tired and was kind of rushing b/c I had to take my kids to practice tonight (yes in 23 degree weather...I air dried for 3 hrs. and sat under the dryer....min under the dryer it was dry) and felt various negative emotions like:
  • all this white conditioner is not gonna dry in time 
  • I'm never gonna finish
  • I'm going back to Curly Girl where I rake, smooth and shake and be done
But I eventually started back up again and finished.

This time my hair is sooooooooooo soft and luscious.  (My hair was not this soft last time.)  Luscious is the word that comes to mind when I feel the back of my head and feel all those soft, full, full-bodied curls that I almost can't keep my hands out of.   See....

 Another noteworthy item.  I found that when I applied my combing conditioner and started sectioning my hair off and smoothing and raking and smoothing that some of my culrs acted like they already knew what to do and just fell into place...like these....the edges of my back and my sides were already spiraled and clumped together before I even started.

I'm gonna try and stop posting so many of the same pics b/c I know my hair can kinda look the same from week to week but I just HAD to show these pics b/c my hair is sooooooooooo soft.  The back has no crunch and I just did my hair this afternoon....nothing but softness.  My top crown has the crunch.  I really have to work to define that area b/c that area is more wavy or has looser curls.

I'm glad I persevered in the process b/c I'm totally loving me in my Tightly Curly!!!  (I hate to even have to lay down and sleep on it and squish all these perfectly lovely curls...yes Farah I've fallen in curl-love with my own hair/curls!!! You were right!!   :-)

Ready to go another 6 days...........
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