Friday, January 11, 2013

Experiment: Update on TC method

Ok, day 3 of my experiment with my TC wash and go turns out to be day 1 of a new wash and go!!  THAT experiment with Tresemme Flawless Curls using TC method is over and done.  I think I have concluded my hair does NOT like Cyclomethicones.  Flawless Curls has Cyclopentasiloxane in and among the first 5 ingredients.  I really wanted to like this conditioner so I tried to look positively on the ingredients and the "firm crunchiness" of my hair.  I thought the crunchiness would go away but it never did.

Well, as I was doing some research on the internet on other reviews of this conditioner I came across a reviewer who said it made her hair feel like straw and then it hit me...THAT is what my hair feels like.  I kept calling it firm crunchiness and my roots were soft-as in not crunchy but they still didn't feel right either. 

I guess now I know that silicones (at least cyclomethicones) are not for me and my hair didn't appreciate that.  So I got up and really shampooed my hair with an SLS shampoo and deep conditioned for 30 minutes.  My rinsing conditioner was Suave Naturals Coconut and my (combining conditioner) leave-in is my trusty and beloved Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture.  My hair feels like itself again.  I and it(my hair) feels soooo good.  It's air drying right now.

So I used the same method I used for my version of the TC method.  I do a lot of raking and smoothing until my curls gets silky soft and smooth in my hand.  The back crown of my head is my coarsest area and it takes some time to work through that area.  I have to take small, small sections in order to get it to feel right.  

I've been researching other (heavier) conditioners.  I feel that Tresemme Naturals may not be heavy enough to give my curls multiple day hair.  It's either that or my method needs tweeking.  Another fellow blogger has suggested that I sleep with my hair separated into either bands.  I have tried bands and twists and braids but when I take them out the next morning and spritz my hair and smooth conditioner my hair frizzes and reverts.  Maybe I do too much smoothing or not enough spritzing to dampen the hair.  <sigh> I will figure it out.

These pics are day 1 hair of a new wash and go.  


Today, Jan 11, 2013 is day 3 of this wash and go and it has frizzed out.  I got up the next morning and tried to refresh it with water and conditioner and by rubbing it over my hair but hair started to frizz on the ends of my curls. 

Now I don't mind frizz if I'm wearing a twistout or the wash and go is several days old but I want to wear  my defined curls for more than 1 day. 


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