Monday, January 14, 2013

Nighttime Preparation - TC Method

Ok, I think I finally have the understanding of 'protecting the hair' at night and how to implement that.
The goal of banding or braiding or twisting hair at night using the Tightly Curly method is to do just that...PROTECT YOUR CURLS. I have FINALLY figured out that involves the following:
  1. Very gently gather curls together
  2. Tuck them in(like you would tuck a child into bed for the night)
  3. Cover them and put them to bed
<*** Please forgive the analogy here...I tend to think in pictures and this is the picture I have in my mind which is what helped me understand what to do with my hair ***>


You can employ several methods to do this.  You can band them together, very gently or braid them together, not pulling curls too taut.  I chose to twist mine without pulling the curls straight. 
When I first tried this I would take 2 sections of hair, pull them almost straight and twist and leave the curly ends out.  That gave me frizzy roots the next day.  Tonight I took 2 sections of hair and at the same time I twisted them I was pushing my curls back into my scalp, if that makes sense.  I did not pull them out straight and then twist.  I took them right where they were laying on my head and twisted them right there.
On other sections of my hair (because I'm experimenting) I took some goody ouchless bands and LOOSELY banded small clusters of curls together.  Again,  I did not stretch the curls out and then band.  I took them in my fingers right where they lay and banded them.  Since my hair has major shrinkage my banded hair is not long at all.  I could only wrap the band around like 2 times and when I got to the end of the curl I wrapped the band around the curls at the end tucking them into my scalp.   Again the band is loose not squeezing my curls, just keeping them grouped together.


On every twist or band that I did in my hair I tucked/pushed the ends of the curls into my scalp or into another section of 'gathered' curls.  My goal was that my ends would not have to fully touch my satin scarf therefore eliminating as much friction during the night as I could.  I tucked them into bed for the night..Sleepy smile

Last but not least #3 COVER THEM AND PUT THEM TO BED

Putting my curls to bed involves tying my satin scarf around my head.  This particular scarf is a rectangle to when I wrap it around my head the top of my hair is out/is not covered by the scarf.  This is acceptable to me b/c the top of my head is not going to come into contact with anything as I sleep.

You can also read about protecting your curls at night here. under the PROTECT heading.  The ANSWER BANK on the Tightlycurly website also answers questions in a little more depth. 
Keep in mind that these are the procedures you go through in using the TC method.  TC method is a method that I am still experimenting with regarding several aspects of my haircare.  A nighttime routine is one of those areas and seeing which is best for my hair.  I normally do not do anything to my hair at night since it is still short.  When I was doing twistouts I would twist one night in the week to set my hair and I didn't twist anymore until the next wash day or next time I did a twist out.  I personally think low to no manipulation is better and I'd prefer not to put 20 bands or twists in my hair every night.  I would probably change my mind if my hair were longer, then I could just do 2-4 or even 6 twists/braids/bands.  That would be a lot less manipulation on my hair than having to handle all these short sections of hair.  
I've also tried just putting my scarf on at night without bands or twists and my hair definitely was frizzier than when I did make the effort to protect my hair at night BUT I was able to refresh the next day and take out most of the frizz.

Continuing on in the journey....

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  1. OMG!!! i laughed so hard reading your posts with all those cute pictures hahahaha

    aaaah my curl twin hahaha YES MY HAIR FRIZZES if i use a scarf only, i mean i can even sleep without the scarf but if my hair is not "tucked in" gently, boy, i have to start the whole thing again


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