Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Refresh continued.....Tightly Curly Method: Maintenance (Daily Care) and Night Routine

Here is an excellent (one of my favs!) video  on different ways to maintain and refresh your hair in the morning using the TC Method.  AuCurlsNaturelle has gorgeous and awesome curls and she has really studied and learned how to best adapt this method to her unique hair needs.  She has tweeked the TC Method to her own use and benefit.  I've learned so much from her and I share this in hopes that it may give someone, especially someone who has short natural hair and is using the TC Method some ideas in how to handle twa to short natural hair.  This period of 'awkward' length can be tough to navigate in regards to an effective, frizz-free nighttime routine and morning refresh.
Enjoy the video!

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