Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HOTW:Hair of the Week-"MamaDaye-Inspired" Protective Style for Transitioning Hair

Shout out to Mama Daye(check out her blog) for sharing this protective that she did on her hair.  She did it such justice that I decided to style my daughter's transitioning hair like this.  I did  4 large flat-twists going around to the other side of her head.  One of these flat twists is a little large and I may need to redo it during the week...we'll see.  I ended these flat twists by doing smaller twists with the ends.  Small 2-strand twists are in the front and side.  The pics with the perm rods are when her hair was still wet...


This pic is the next day after hair was dry.  I had to take the perm rods out at bedtime b/c she couldn't sleep in them but her hair was still wet.  So I pin-curled them with bobby pins to her head.  They dried a little too tight and were super tight and curly and have no hang.  I'm sure they'll drop as the week goes on. I intend for this style to last all week.

Thanks MamaDaye!!!!!


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