Saturday, October 12, 2013

Protective Style/Castor Oil/Greenhouse Effect Challenges Update/Check-In Video (weeks 1-2)

For those who did not know I am participating in Diva Deb's 6 month protective style challenge.  This challenge has 2 categories: Fully protected style or low manipulation.  I've chosen the low manipulation category b/c I love my wash and gos and my curls and don't want to have them hidden away for any length of time.  I've been on this challenge for 2 weeks and wanted to give an update as to my progress.

I am also participating in Brandi1525's Castor Oil Challenge at the same time so while I won't be manipulating my hair much I will be applying JBCO to my scalp 3 times a week, at the least.  After applying my warm castor oil to my scalp, I massage and apply a plastic cap to trap in the heat and let the JBCO penetrate.  I've decided to leave the cap on overnight and that brought me into participating in a Greehouse Effect challenge.  OMGoodness!

So this will be my wintertime regimen/routine and I will be checking in every so often to let you know how I am doing on these challenges.

This first video is my first update on these 6 month long challenges.  The second video contains pictures of my hair during the past two weeks.

Please enjoy!

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