Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Recipes....Oil Cleanse Method(facial cleanser/conditioner)

 Oil Cleanse Method(facial cleanser/conditioner)

To read up on the Oil Cleanse Method visit:  http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/

I have dry skin so in the beginning I used these suggested proportions
10% castor oil
90% other oil

I found that my skin was still dry after using these proportions so I further reduced the amount of castor oil to:
5% castor oil
95% other oil

Here is my cleanser recipe:

½ tsp cold pressed and cold processed Castor Oil
5 tsp olive oil
4 ½ tsp melted unrefined shea butter

Mix well and let cool. 
My mixture solidified to a very soft consistency.

   I chose unrefined shea butter because I saw how well it conditioned my son's skin when he had eczema.
   I chose olive oil because I didn't have any sunflower oil(which is highly recommended for the skin/face) and in my research I found that olive oil(as well as shea butter) is a non-comedogenic(does not clog pores) oil.
   Most times after cleansing my face I do not need additional moisturization.  Sometimes I do.  In those instances when I need to apply an additional facial moisturizer I use a hand mixer to soften and whip together unrefined shea butter and 10 drops or so of lavendar oil. I apply a very little at a time with finger tips.
   Non-comedogenic oils
         evening primrose
         peanut oil

   Comedogenic oils
         hydrogenated veg oil
         cocoa butter
         coconut oil
         wheat germ
source(s): http://www.soapnuts.com/noncomo.html      

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