Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Scalp itching...How I Remedy

Itchy scalp...I'm sure we're all familiar with this in some shape, form or fashion.  As far as I know I don't have any serious scalp "condition" but I'm finding I have to tend to my scalp every week.  I don't know what made me think that I would not have to.  I guess because when I was relaxed I never did.  Now that I look back on it and from what I can remember my scalp was very dry and flaky and not to mention it was burnt at times from relaxer being left on too long.  I never "greased" it or oiled it b/c I didn't want my relaxed hair to be pasted to my head.  I wanted free-flowing hair that moved. 

** rolls eyes in the air **      
(what was I thinking?? )

I remember how my mother used to always tell me that I need to grease my scalp and I hardly ever would.  Occassionally I would let her grease it and then I'd just deal with flat hair until I washed it again.  I also remember that the top-back of my head was always sore...ALWAYS(still is now if I don't deal with it).

Since going natural I'm paying so much more attention to my hair (and scalp).  I must admit though that after I went natural my mom would still tell me I needed to "grease" my scalp.  She used Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil to grease her scalp...buuuuutttt....I was doing a lot of reading and watching youtube and trying different "methods" and reading books and the majority of what I was listening to(and doing)  recommended NOT greasing or even oiling your scalp b/c it brings about an imbalance in your scalp producing what oils is does produce even if it's very little oil.  So even up until about 3-4 months ago I still wasn't giving my scalp any love, even though it was still itchy and sore in the back.

Well I had been reading about scalp massages to stimulate the hair follicles which would increase hair growth.  I decided I wanted to give myself scalp massages so I came up with a scalp massage oil mix that I felt would not leave too heavy of an oil residue on my scalp.  I used olive oil as a base and mix a bit of Jamaican black castor oil and a few drops of peppermint oil.  My aim was to do this 3 days a week.  I didn't make that goal.  It normally ends up being once or twice a week.  

The first week that I did my scalp massage I noticed that the sore area in the back of my head had stopped being sore;  it was not sore at all.  My scalp felt so good!  So the lesson here (for me) is that in my natural haircare I MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE HEALTH OF MY SCALP!!!!

I also concluded and agree with those who I've read up on that say this:  Just like skin needs to be moisturized(with lotion or moisturizer of choice) my scalp(which is skin) needs to be moisturized  too.

Tending to my scalp takes a bit of discipline and extra effort(for me).  I don't always remember to massage or oil my scalp before putting my hair in twists and satin scarf for the night and if I do remember many times I'm too tired to do it so I don't.  And of course in the hustle bustle of the morning, it just doesn't cross my mind.  LOL!!

I have also made a few more observations about my hair/scalp.  They are:

1.  Co-washing increases/makes my scalp itch.

2.  My scalp doesn't seem to itch as bad if at all when I use "natural" cleansers such as Apple Cider Vinegar rinses, Amla/Shikaki powders, etc.  I'm wondering now if it has to do with bringing my scalp to it's proper ph.  A scalp that is out of ph balance will have issues.  I do try to keep my hair  in it's proper ph range but I've gotta get more learned on scalp health and what it needs.

So armed with this knowledge this is what I do to remedy my scalp dryness/itching.

1.  Cleanse my hair every week
2.  Do not use "conditioner" or even "cleansing conditioners" to cowash
3.  Use 'natural' cleansers.  On days I'm not using a 'cleanser' I just do a good "cleansing rinse" with water or ACV rinse.
4.  Massage scalp with scalp massage oil at least once per week, preferable more often
5.  This last tip I just tried a couple days ago.  I read in a couple of places where flaxseed oil(which I imagine is in the gel that I make) is full of omega-3 fatty acids which acts as anti-imflammatory for the scalp. So I massage a little flaxseed gel(enriched with aloe vera juice and wheat germ oil from my recipe) onto the itchy sore areas of my scalp the other day.  By the next day I felt no itching and everything felt good.  Now, this is still an experiment so I'm in no way saying this is a sure thing.  I'll have to see how my scalp reacts as I continue to do this.  I've only done this one time so the jury is still out until....

I've included references to sites that talk about this information down below.

So, these are the ways I'm learning to deal with/tend to my scalp and finding what works and what it needs.  I hope this little peek into what I'm learning was/is helpful.  

How do you remedy any scalp issue that you may have?


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