Friday, August 2, 2013

Flaxseed gel revisited - The How-To, The Application, The Results

Well, Well!!!!!   I never thought I would have a desire to ever make flaxseed gel again let alone use it again.  Yet, I sit here with flaxseed gel in my hair waiting for it to dry so that I can video my results.

You see I've made and used flaxseed gel early in my natural hair journey.   I even posted the recipe to my blog here.  But I was not impressed with flaxseed gel.  I mean what it did for me, my beloved(at the time) Tresemme did for me so I didn't see a need to go through all of that preparation in making it PLUS I didn't like the idea of "gel" in my hair, even if it was all natural.

Boy, what a difference a year makes!!!!

So now I find myself at a  place where I want to try it again all because I was watching my fellow you-tube friend, TyCrable, on her video making flaxseed gel and applying it to her hair.  Her results were so outstanding.  She had frizz-free, super defined curls.  I mean her hair look great and I was so impressed by her results I wanted to try it again to see if my results would be similar. So here I am a year later having to find a replacement for my Tresemme Naturals because they have a new formula for their conditioner.  I don't like many of the new ingredients AND I've taken a turn in my thinking and my heart to wanting to use more natural products.  I still do not want to use gel in my hair but I am not opposed to the idea of an all natural gel in my hair.  This stuff felt so good going on my hair that I THINK I've found my new "love"....we'll see.   So here are my series of videos where I show the recipe I used to make my flaxseed gel, how I apply it to my hair, and my end results.  Enjoy and let me know if you have ever tried flaxseed gel and if so, how did it work for you?

Part 1:  How I make flaxseed gel

Part 2:  How I apply flaxseed gel

Part 3:  My Results using Flaxseed gel

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