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A Few of My Favorite Things - Deep Conditioners

Here is another blog post in my "Favorite Things" series in the category of Deep Conditioners.

To be honest,  I don't feel as "confident" in these products being "staples" in my regimen for 2 reasons.
  • Some of these I'm not crazy about, so they really should not be categorized as my "favorites"  
  • Some of these I love but I'm finding it more difficult to find them on the ground and I'm finding these manufacturers are either changing formulas or discontinuing any product that has more 'natural' ingredients so availability of these products is very unsure.

So having said that I'll present what I'm using and experimenting with but know that the products in this whole category may change in the near future.   I do have other alternatives waiting in the "wings" to try and incorporate into my deep conditioning regimen should these products go by the wayside.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that this category is a work in progress or still "under construction".

My Faves and Strong Likes

The following are my favs and strong like conditioners.  95% of the time I mix these conditioners together to use as my deep conditioners.  I may add olive and coconut oils to my mixtures, depending on how I was feeling.  When I want a protein deep conditioner I mix 1-2 teaspoons of the Hydrate Therapy or the Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise with Tresemme and Shea Moisture.  When I want a moisture deep condish I just use Tresemme and Shea Moisture along with whatever cholesterol deep condish I've decided to try.

Protein Deep Conditioners - I use the following as my protein deep conditioners

Lustrasilk's Moisture Max Hydrate Therapy Deep Conditioner - I've already done a blog post on this so I'll just link it here.

Lustrasilk Moisture Max Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise - Love Love Love this product !!!!  My curls seem to curl on their own when I put this in my hair...I can feel them!   My hair seems to love this product.  I use this as a "mild" to "moderate" protein treatment.  The only protein in this product is egg protein.  When I use this product alone my hair feels very soft but my curls feel "firm" as well as when I use the Hydrate Therapy Deep conditioner.  This product doesn't have as many 'chemicals' as the Hydrate Therapy does and the proteins are different.  I consider this product a more 'natural' product than the Hydrate Therapy.  The subtitle on the jar says "Organic Therapy for damaged hair with olive oil and egg protein".   Sometimes I mix this protein deep conditioner with the other 2 products pictured above for moisture and protein balance.

On another note: I went to the BSS to buy some more of this and they had none!!!!  :-(   I figured they had stopped carrying it or it was discontinued.  I talked to the owner and he said that he thinks he can order it again so he told me to come back in 2 weeks.  Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow and go check to see if they have it in stock...keeping fingers crossed!  Lustrasilk has discontinued about 3 of their cholesterol deep conditioners that I had fallen in love with...so I have been left in the lurch.  I've not found anything YET that my hair responds to as well as those 3 they discontinued(other than the Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise).  This product gets special mention/highlight!

Moisture Deep Conditioners

Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture - This is my boo(this is my major boo; flaxseed gel is a close second) and I still use this while I still have bottles left of the old formula.  I have a full video review and blog post on how I use this product so I'll link it here.  

I use Tresemme Naturals as the 'base' for all of my deep conditioners; especially when I couldn't find a suitable 'cholesterol' deep conditioner.

NOTE:  Once I've used all my bottles of Tresemme, my replacement for this will be my own homemade conditioner using BTMS(behentrimonium methosulfate) and aloe vera juice.  Once I am using  BTMS full-time I will post videos on it and how I make it.  I've fallen in love with BTMS and as much as I love my Tresemme, BTMS seems to soften, detangle and condition my hair even better than Tresemme! 

Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner -I add some of this conditioner to the  'concoctions' I mix up for my deep conditioners.  I like to add this as one of the 'oils' in my concoctions.

Not crazy about but I feel the need to have......

I feel that I want to have a cholesterol deep conditioner to add to my moisture and protein deep conditioners.  Most cholesterol deep conditioners have some protein in them(nearer to the bottom of the ingredient list) but I just like the extra 'umph' that a cholesterol deep conditioner gives.  I've not found a cholesterol dc that I like.  I am experimenting with this one pictured below.

The Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Cholesterol I've only used once.  I mixed this with some olive oil, coconut oil and Tresemme just yesterday.  I sat under the heating cap for about 20 minutes.  I didn't like how my hair was a drawn up tangled mat on my head after dcing.  I had a major tangle issue  during my wash session yesterday.  I don't know what contributed to it but this cholesterol conditioner didn't seem to help ease that.  I will use this b/c it's in my closet but unless I can figure out a way to make this work, I will not be repurchasing.

Nubian Heritage Indian Hemp and Tamanu - because this has biotin and keratin in it I use it as an additional protein treatment.  I can't use this by itself b/c it's too thick and just sits on my hair.  So I have to use about 1 tsp and add it to whatever mixture I'm mixing up that day.  I'm not terribly drawn to want to repurchase this although it performed very well on my daughter's hair when transitioning.  I've used it once on my hair mixed into my leave-in conditioner.  It was okay but nothing outstanding.

The alternatives that I'll have to experiment with are organic natural solutions such as:  avocado/banana moisturizing conditioner
greek yogurt (protein)
mayonnaise(protein) - I've used mayonnaise in some of my 'concoctions' and my hair did well.

This is where I am with my deep conditioners; very unsure about most of these products but I will, of course, keep you updated as I continue along in my journey as to what I come up with.


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