Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things - Cleansers

This is intended to be a quick blog post of a "few of my favorite things/products - Cleansers" that I am currently using and/or experimenting with.

Shea Moisture Purification Masque - I really, really like this product.  I love the texture, the smell, the creaminess of the texture, how it goes on my hair and how my hair looks and feels after using it.  I use this mainly as my "shampoo" (I've stopped using shampoo b/c I find it to be too drying) or as I like to say my "cleanser".  The directions say to use it before or after shampoo....(scratch that instruction for me) and it says to leave it on anywhere from 5-30 minutes(now THAT I can do :-D ).  So I tend to leave it on for about 5 minutes, many times less b/c as much as I really like this product I find it tends to be a bit drying to my hair if I leave it on too long or use it too often.  This product has salicylic acid in it and while this ingredient is used to control dandruff it can dry out your hair.  Here is a very good article on it from Naturallycurly.com

Amla and Shikakai ayurvedic powders -  I like to mix a bit of each of these powders together and add water, coconut and/or castor oil, wheat germ oil and/or any other oil of choice and coconut milk(for extra moisture and conditioning) and "wash' my hair and scalp with it.  I don't usually let it sit in my hair for too long b/c I don't want to dry my hair out.  I've had to slow down on the use of this also b/c it can also be drying to the hair.   My scalp really feels good with this mixture and my curls are soft and have a bounce to them.  Being the mixtress that I've discovered that I am, I love mixing this up and trying to make my own "Purification Masque".  Here is info on the benefits of  Amla powder and Shikakai powder.

Moroccan Red Clay Powder I have not used this clay yet.  I was looking to buy Rhassoul Clay and my understanding from the internet(of course) is that Moroccan Red Clay is Rhassoul Clay.  My plan is to add a bit of this clay powder to my Amla/Shikakai powder mixture with plenty of oils and other moisturizing agents to complete my own purification masque.  I'm not sure of the frequency with which I'll use this as my hair doesn't seem to need a "heavy" detoxing or purification often at all.  Most of the products I use on my hair rinse off with water so most of the times my hair just needs a light cleansing.

What cleanser(s) does your hair love?



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