Saturday, August 31, 2013

21 Question Hair Tag

Another tag, y'all :-D

Here are the questions:

1 Why did you start taking better care of your hair?
2 What are your two favorite hair products?
3 Who's hair did you admire as a Child/
4 What is your Ultimate Goal length?
5 Two styles you want to try at your Goal Length.
6 Which do you prefer Health or Length?
7 Which do you prefer Hair Ties Butterfly's or Rubber bands?
8 Which do you prefer Salon Brands, Organic Brands, BSS brands, or Drug Store Brand or Other?
9 Which Product technique do you think is over rated?
10 Which Product technique do you think is under rated?
11 What is your favorite part of your hair regiment?
12 Whats the most annoying part of your hair regiment?
13 Oils or Butters?
14 Buns or Ponytails?
15 Wigs or Weaves
16 What is your opinion of growth aides?
17 What length do you consider hair Long?
18 When is the last time you were at the salon?
19 What do you like to search most often, Youtube, Blogs or Hair Forums?
20 What piece of advice you would give some one on there hair journey?
21 Missing question............

Watch the vid to find out what my answers are.  Enjoy!

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