Friday, December 14, 2012

My wash and go

So being a new natural this past summer, a wash and go was the first thing I did on my hair.  I co-wash or rinse my hair and then use Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture as my moisturizing conditioner.  For the summer I would leave all the conditioner in my hair and smooth it through my hair and then let it air dry. 

I then learned how to add other product to my conditioner to make my 'homemade' leave-in.  I would add aloe vera juice/Tresemme/jojoba-coconut oil together and shake it up and put it on my hair as my leave-in.  For the winter, though, I figured I would need something a little 'heavier' so I used my homemade shea butter mix in place of the jojoba-coconut oil in my leave in.

As for defining my curls I apply my leave-in 1 of 2 ways, depending on my mood.  
  • For more defined(and shrunken) curls: I smooth my leave in conditioner in small sections of my hair at a time.  I smooth more than I rake and I smooth until the feel of my hair changes in my hand/fingers.  I can feel my hair soften and get real smooth. Each curl is clumped and very defined with very little to no frizz. 
  • For less defined curls and fuller look(which may include a bit of frizz):   I just apply my leave-in to my entire head without applying in sections.  I don't smooth as extensively as when I apply in sections. I just try to make sure all my hair has conditioner on it and then let it be.
There is another method I use to define my curls now that my hair is longer.  I just apply my leave-in in large sections, not smoothing as intricately as I used to, but making sure everything is covered and then shake my head.  I shake bent over at the waist(upside down), back and forth, side to side.  After the shaking my curls are clumped and defined.   

Here are some pics of my still wet wash and go.

 Once it dried, here is how it looked:

I am one who does not care for the shrinkage that results from my wash and gos.  I do loooovveee wash and gos but I don't like the shrinkage.  So now I'm on a mission to find a way to stretch my curls once my wash and go has dried.  As of now what I do is to wear my shrunken wash and go until it becomes kind of frizzy and dry (about 2 or 3 days) and then do a twist out on slightly damp hair.  See next post....

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