Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My (transition to) Big Chop

I did not transition to being all natural, meaning grow the perm out of my hair.  I big chopped in stages.  Being that my hubby cut my hair, I placed myself in his very capable hands and he decided to cut a little at a time.  No, my hubby is not a licensed hairstylist but he cuts his own hair and our sons.  He just has a good eye:-)  These first pics are from my relaxed, long hair days:  The black headband was covering up all the new growth that I hadn't touched up/permed and was considering NOT touching up!  :-)

My hubby cut this style for me

It got shorter as time went on and we both were more confident in how it turned out

I was soooo anxious and excited to see my natural hair I told him to cut it completely off.  I was tired of dealing with 2 textures even though it was much shorter than it had been.  So this is with he did next:

I eventually got tired of those "strings" hanging in my face and had hubby cut those off as well.  This is what we ended up with:

I absolutely love being natural.  I'm having a ball learning my hair.  I so look forward to the day(s) each week when  it's time to (re)do my hair.  I love experimenting with different techniques and products.  I am not a product junkie and have not tried a lot of products but I think I have found my staple products and a semblance of a regimen.  I'll share all of that in upcoming posts.

Did you big chop or (long-term) transition?

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