Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My (transition to) Big Chop

I did not transition to being all natural, meaning grow the perm out of my hair.  I big chopped in stages.  Being that my hubby cut my hair, I placed myself in his very capable hands and he decided to cut a little at a time.  No, my hubby is not a licensed hairstylist but he cuts his own hair and our sons.  He just has a good eye:-)  These first pics are from my relaxed, long hair days:  The black headband was covering up all the new growth that I hadn't touched up/permed and was considering NOT touching up!  :-)

My hubby cut this style for me

It got shorter as time went on and we both were more confident in how it turned out

I was soooo anxious and excited to see my natural hair I told him to cut it completely off.  I was tired of dealing with 2 textures even though it was much shorter than it had been.  So this is with he did next:

I eventually got tired of those "strings" hanging in my face and had hubby cut those off as well.  This is what we ended up with:

I absolutely love being natural.  I'm having a ball learning my hair.  I so look forward to the day(s) each week when  it's time to (re)do my hair.  I love experimenting with different techniques and products.  I am not a product junkie and have not tried a lot of products but I think I have found my staple products and a semblance of a regimen.  I'll share all of that in upcoming posts.

Did you big chop or (long-term) transition?


  1. Dee, I love your blog! Might I add that hubby can cut some hair! Way better than some of the styles I've seen "professional" hair stylists do!! I'm more than impressed. I said in the past that if I had a chance to cut or big chop my relaxer off--that's the way I would do it (in style). I loved the bob. Loved the cropped cut. Looks like you both had too much fun LOL!

  2. Thanks Tia!! I think hubby did a bang up job!! He didn't even tell me what he was going to do. I didn't ask either. I was just so glad to get that perm off my head. I was so excited. And to tell you the truth while I loved the hairstyle he cut I as a tad disappointed when I saw he had not cut it all off but I felt like his approach to a 'phased-in' big chop was a good idea. LOL!! And the rest is history. Thanks for checking out my blog and come by often and don't be a stranger!

  3. Thank you for sharing this link. I really like how he cut it. I think he is on to something. Many transitioners have a difficult time doing the big chop. And I believe it's because they are missing too much hair in their face which they've become accustomed to. So the "strings...LOL" was a fantastic idea. That way you can grow more of the top and sides to your liking and then just cut off the strings. He does have an eye. The foundation of the cut is still in your recent styles.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hey Sandy, you know I've never thought about it like that. I am transitioning my daughter and her relaxed(texturizer) hair was shoulder blade length. I got her to agree to let me cut her relaxed hair up to her neck(detangling was a monster!!) but she didn't let me cut the hair in the front of her face. Here is another link that shows how I styled her hair one day with keeping the hair in her face.


    I think she feels a security in those strands in her face so she sports a short bob as we grow the chemical out of her hair.


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