Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Hair Recipes: Rosewater Moisturizing Daily Hair Spritz

Rosewater Moisturizing Daily Hair Spritz

Lilac/Rose water as base
Aloe Vera juice
Rosemary(10 drops)
Coconut oil or any oil of choice
Jojoba oil

Combine in spray bottle, shake.

  • I used this for a time. I LOVED the rose water in it. My hair was soft and I loved the smell of soft roses but I didn't want to keep buying rose water. So after I gave out of rose water I never bought anymore but used all the other ingredients.
  • I've been staying away from glycerin b/c in my reading on the internet it was stated that glycerin is not good in the winter b/c it will take the water FROM your hair to release it into the air since winter air is dryer and has less moisture than your hair. But since reading The Science of Black Hair and it's treatise on glycerin I'm rethinking it.

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