Sunday, December 9, 2012

My natural hair (s)heros!!

When the rumblings of going natural began to stir inside of me I began researching information on african american natural hair and I came across the website www.naturallycurly.com.  I lived on that website and read everything I could on topics I had questions about and the new things I was learning.  I don't remember how I came across MahoganyCurls on youtube but her channel was the first natural hair channel that I came across that I fell in love with.   She was the first one I "cut my natural hair teeth" on.  I learned about The Curly Girl Method from her and WaterLily716 on youtube.  I bought the book and began doing the CG Method.  Then there is Miss Naptural85!!!!   They convinced me to go ahead and go for it (just by watching their videos) and listen to what I was feeling inside re: going natural.

After my big chop I have received so much inspiration from watching videos of so many other natural hair youtubers, such as Coilyheachick, Cestmoiamii, Blackizbeautyful, LHDC  and 007newnew just to name a few.  There are many others but it would just take too long to type them all out but I am grateful for so many naturals who are willing to share their journey and inspire those of us who follow them.

In my research and reading on the ingredients that companies put into their haircare products I've learned how unhealthy many of these ingredients can be so I've decided to keep my hair products as close to natural as I can so I make my own raw shea butter mix based on Naptural85's recipe. I use my own homemade flax seed gel again, based on Naptural85's recipe.  I also use the Oil Cleanse Method for my facial care regimen.  I started this after I started using raw shea butter and using it on my son's eczema and seeing how wonderful his skin looked after using it so I incorporated raw shea butter into my skin care regimen.  I make my own body butter based on a recipe I found on youtube.  So instead of using commercial lotion my family uses my homemade body butter for the winter.  I don't know what we'll do for the summer.  I'm thinking of using jojoba oil infused with a light fragrance just to splash on after bath/shower when it's summertime.   

I don't use too many store-bought, commercial products.  I do use SheaMoisture products for my daughter's hair mainly.  The only 'commercial non-natural' products I use are Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture silicone-free conditioner for detangling/moisture, VO5 or Suave Naturals for cowash and Lustrasilk Cholesterol/Hair Mayonnaise for deep conditioner. I will probably revisit using a homemade deep conditioner using mayo, eggs, yogurt, honey, etc.  The first time I tried something like that I didn't like how my hair felt so I just stuck with Lustrasilk cholesterol.  I try to use the ones made by Lustrasilk that don't have any mineral oil in them.  There are 3 that I know of that don't contain mineral oil and they seems to be hard to find.  I found them one time and bought about 4 at one time.  When I went to repurchase at the same store they didn't have it.  So I'm gonna have to do a little shopping around to see if I can find it or else I'll have to order online.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my Tresemme.  I found out about this conditioner from Mahoganycurls and I do believe my hair loves it also.  My hair just melts into softness when I put it on. I sometimes combine the Tresemme with water, aloe vera juice and an oil of my choice(jojoba, coconut, and/or my homemade shea butter mix melted to oil consistency) into a spray bottle as a moisture spritz or into a cream-base leave-in(based on Kimmaytube) where it's thicker/creamier and I have to apply to my hair by hand.  I ph-balance all my homemade hair products.

What and/or who inspired you to go natural?

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