Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Braided Wash and Go- Fro

Okay, I'm kind of working backwards here because I've already done a video of my braided wash and go.  I started out documenting this style with the pics on this blog but these pics did not do my fro justice AT ALL so I decided I had to capture it on video.  I was just so excited at how my fro turned out I couldn't keep it and had to share the video.   

But in keeping with my normal procedure of updating my blog I wanted to add a post about my braided wash and go-fro

Here are pics of day 1 braided wash and go fro.
Day 1

Day 2

Here is the video on day 2 hair(for those who haven't already seen it).

Day 3 and Day 7
Here is the final short video on day 3 hair and day 7 hair.  I got lazy and didn't capture day 4-6 on vid or pics but in my mind I placed more importance on how long I could keep this fro looking good and so capturing the last day of the fro was priority.

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