Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updated (Fall 2013) Nighttime Routine - Banding

I have discovered one of the most important aspects of my hair regimen is my nighttime routine.  I have found by having 'a' nighttime routine that my hair holds onto moisture longer.  Secondly, having the 'right' nighttime routine keeps my curls defined, hair stretched enough to keep severe tangles at bay and preserves my style for the week. 

When I was a sho' nuff twa'er I would just use a satin scarf and/or pillow case at night and sleep on my curls as they were.  They were short enough to be smooshed to my head at night and that action alone kept my curls intact and frizz at bay.  I would spritz my hair in the morning and shake my head to revive and loosen my curls.

As my twa began to grow out and just sleeping on them was not working anymore, I would put my hair in large, loose chunky twists just to gather my curls together.  I would not twist tight because I didn't want the pattern of the twist to overtake my own curl pattern.  These nighttime twists were just a way to keep my curls 'organized' or 'together' in some fashion where my hair would not become matted or tangled.

I found with these chunky twists, however, that when I undid the twists in the morning I was untwisting and separating my clumped curls so that by the end of the week I had more frizz than curl.  I decided to try a new method for my nighttime routine, hence this banding video. 

I really like how my hair is responding to banding.  I find that banding preserves my curls better than with twisting and banding gives my hair good stretch so that my curls do not become a tangled, matted mess. 

So here I present my updated nighttime routine on how I band my hair at night.  Enjoy! 

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