Friday, July 12, 2013

A (Wash) Day in the Life part 1-my cleansing process and product

My new cleanser and my wash process....

I've been looking for a more 'natural' cleanser(in addition to ACV)   because washing with conditioner (co-washing) makes my scalp itch and shampoos are just too drying.  So I've been experimenting with some ayurvedic powders.  I've been using these powders for a while but this time I was trying to make a thicker cleanser b/c I want it to stick to my hair.  The mixtures I was making up were a too thin for my liking and the product would go on a little rough on my hair.  This mixture ended up being still a little too thin for my liking but it was effective in cleaning my hair and my scalp does not itch with these powders.  

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