Friday, May 17, 2013

Loving Lexie Naturally

I have finally finished transitioning my daughter's hair.  She is now au naturelle.  

This is where we both started off:

More pics from back in the 'relaxed' days

I began transitioning her in May 2012 when I big chopped.  She did not want to big chop like I did.  She actually wanted to keep her long hair but she went with it.  She didn't care if she was natural or relaxed she just wanted her hair to be long.

Jan. 2013 she agreed to let me cut SOME of her permed hair off.  I cut it up to the bottom of her neck.  Little did I know that once I washed her hair it would shrink up to this.  She was such a good sport about it all, though!!!!

I kept it in braids for a while....

but those relaxed ends needed special and extra attention...we finally graduated to braidouts/twistouts...

This is what her wash days looked like.....


Then I began to see these beautiful coils and curls emerge as her natural hair grew in.  I became soooo excited and wanted to cut those ends off when I saw this but I had to wait because she wasn't ready...(bless her sweet heart :-)

I had to learn to manage/detangle/style 2 textures.  It was an adventure (not easy) but those permed ends began to be more of a bother(to me, at least).  I guess that's because I knew what was waiting to burst forth underneath!!!!

Last Thursday, May 9, 2013, she agreed to allow me to cut off the rest of those (pesky) relaxed ends. 

Check out this YOUTUBE VIDEO to see what we ended up with.

This is where we both are now:

Loving Dee and Lexie Naturally!!
Be still my heart....

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