Sunday, February 3, 2013

TC Challenge Week 4


I did my hair on Saturday last week.  I made it to Sunday this week.  Day 7 hair turned out to be a curly afro b/c all week long I kept messing with my hair and trying to style it after refreshing in the morning and as I've said before:  once I touch my damp hair it frizzes out...so my hair was frizzed out but it was okay...I think I was ready for a small change/another look.  Actually my hair frizzed out around day 3 and I had to spend more time than I wanted to re-define my curls.  Yet, I considered last week as a week to learn my hair and learn how to do different things with it in the mornings.  This week though, I'm going back to leaving it alone and just spritzing in the morning.  I had fun playing in my hair and trying different things.  I even tried a twist out on day 7.  I did not like how that turned out so I ended up misting my hair all over and bringing some curls back but since I didn't have time for my hair to dry before running out the door to my child's game I 2-strand twisted the hair  that framed my face and threw a hat on the back of my head.  It dried to a mushed mat. LOL!    I guess since I'm taking the time to blog about it I should have taken some pics...but I didn't.  Sorry...:-(  Anyway,  I love the versatility that I have with my natural hair.  I can rock curls, 2 strand twists and curly afro all in the same week and love them all even with the frizz and fullness!!!!

Okay so I did my hair on Sunday(today).

It took me 1 1/2 hours to define and separate my curls.  Although it took me the same amount of time last week it seemed to be easier and go quicker this week. 

water rinse

Deep Conditioner:  
Since I still have not gone out and bought my Lustrasilk Mayonnaise I decided to make my own.  I used a little bit of whatever I had sitting in my kitchen and bathroom.  I used mayonnaise, Lustrasilk Tea Tree cholesterol, Nubian Heritage Grow and Strengthen Masque, olive oil and SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk.  I did not measure just took spoonfuls of one and then the other.  I sat under the heating cap 30 minutes.  I don't know what to say about how my hair felt.  It was not uber soft and smooth.  It was a little crinkly or even squeaky almost like I had used shampoo on my hair and it was kind of squeaky/crinkly/almost dried out clean.  The only thing I can think of is whatever protein was in my mixture must have been "almost too much" for my hair.  I remembered in my reading that a protein treament should be followed by a moisturizing conditioning treatment.  I decided to use and combine Tresemme with my other rinsing conditioners b/c I find that Tresemme brings my hair back to where it should be if I use something that makes my hair feel "out of the way".   It really is my all time favorite product.  My hair responds the same to it every time.  When I put my combination of  rinsing conditioners on, my hair softened right up and felt like it normally does...whew!  I did like my mayonnaise conditioner but I probably don't need to use all that other stuff I used.  I was trying to add other moisturizing agents in my mix in addition to the cholesterol and protein in the mayo but looks like I might have had too much protein. 

Combing Conditioner/Leave-In:   
This time I decided to leave out the aloe vera juice and I just mixed up my Tresemme and Tigi Bed Head and jojoba oil.  That was my leave-in.  My curls have a smoothness to them when I feel them and I think that the jojoba oil contributes to that.  I like it.

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  1. hi dear!!!! sorry for my awful silence, first ive been so busy and second, i dont receive your newsletters lol
    your hair looks so crisp neat its unbelievable, keep up the good work sis :D :D


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